Windows Vista

We've been testing Windows Vista RC1 at work with all of the software products our company uses to accomplish our day to day work. We've been please to discover that 95% of all of the software we use works without any tweaking and that the remaining 5% work thanks to Vista's Compatibility Wizard.

We had to download the new Vista client from Symantec for their antivirus product, and Cisco's latest VPN client for Vista (as to be expected). We've also had to go to the sound card manufacturer for a Vista driver, but again expected.

All told, I'm impressed with Vista. If you aren't testing for compatibility in your company's environment, you certainly ough to be. Also consider developing a strategy for integrating Vista. My general impression is that Vista will require memory and possibly video card upgrades in a lot of cases when attempting to upgrade a win2k or win xp box. I'm seriously considering not upgrading current desktops, but moving to Vista on all new purchases and having a mixed XP/Vista environment for some time.

Get all the info and even download the VISTA release candidate at Microsoft's Vista site

You'll need a DVD burner if you download the iso image or you can order the Windows Vista RC1 DVD on their site and pay them $5 for it to be shipped to you.

You can also run the Vista upgrade advisor to get a listing of what you'll need to upgrade on any machine you are contemplating upgrading to Vista.

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