Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lets Eat

Probably the two greatest words in the English language. As a child, those two words always brought excitement in the soul, especially if they were spoken by my Grandmother.

Over the last few years, I worked a traveling job and continued to receive recommendations on places to dine. Before any vacation, I have always tried to seek out the recommendations of others who have gone there before. About a year and a half or two years ago, I began tracking two maps with google maps, (1) recommended restaurants that I have yet to try (Suggested Restaurants) and (2) the places I have enjoyed dining (Good Eats).

I have had several requests to share these two maps, so here they are. Feel free to send me your recommendations to add to the Suggested Restaurants map.

Bon Appetit'

Suggested Restaurants:

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Good Eats:

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Steven said...

Steven said...

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Madding:

I was distressed to see so many of these states had nothing to commend them. But in truth, what passes for fine dining or a really great meal in some locales would be regarded as dog shit in New York City. One advantage of growing up a mile from the center of Manhattan is that you quickly get to sample the culinary best of one of American's greatest crossroads.

This allows you to set the standard for everyplace else.

The first restaurant I would recommend is:
Panorama At The Peak
Route 9 West Berkley Springs, West Va.
Great bar... Places overlooks magnificent valley with a river in it.
5 stars New York City Quality

The second is the Berkeley Restaurant and Fish Market
Central and "J" Street
Seaside Park, NJ
Tables overlook the dunes on Barnega Bay
3.5 Stars New York City Quality

Fondest regards,

Allen Madding said...

all added.

Thanks gentlemen (you too reepe)

mq01 said...

let them eat cake!!! :) ive had the burritozilla in SJ, CA. yumm, very good. local college kids favorite, its around the corner from San Jose State University (SJSU), and the place is known worldwide.

irondad said...

This is something I can get behind! Heck with making recommendations based on past experience. I'm off to do some current research!!

Allen Madding said...

just added two recommendations from Kyle Petty near Charleston.

IronDad, the research is my favorite part!