Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life Impact Boot Camp

I attended a one day men's retreat this weekend hosted by Life Impact called "Boot Camp". A good time was had by all, football, basketball, skeet shooting, rifle and pistol shooting, archery, canoeing, climbing wall, hiking...there was something for everyone. A few men went home limping from contact in the football and from rolling an ankle from running down a hill, but everyone survived.

I was fortunate to meet "Big Daddy" Greg Dean who is a member of the Knights of Pentecost Motorcycle Ministry. I was quite impressed by what the Knights of Pentecost are doing and how they go about walking out the talk.


Aaron said...

Sounds like some exciting games of "two hand touch" to me. ;)

Maybe I'll finally get around to replacing the motorcycle battery today and do some riding of my own.

ella said...

Just curious....did the Knights of the Pentecost speak in tongues during the one day retreat?

Allen Madding said...

ella - nope, they only spoke V-Twin